Policies & Procedures

  1. Buses drop off students at 6:55 am.
  2. School day begins at 7:05 am and ends at 2:20 pm.
  3. Radios, CD’s, tape players, beepers, electronic devices, iPods, and cell phones are not to be used at school. Cell phones must be left in lockers or cars during the school day.
    All other pieces of sound equipment will be confiscated, marked for ownership, and kept in the school vault until picked up by a parent or legal guardian (1st Offense); kept until end of year (2nd Offense).
  4. Tobacco of any form at school is forbidden including dipping, smoking, chewing and possession.
  5. Ethnic references and name-calling will not be tolerated.
  6. Students are not to leave the campus without permission from an administrator. This is a suspendable offense.
  7. Student parking permits are required at a cost of $10.00. Students must leave their cars once parked and are not to loiter around the parking lot. Students are not permitted to park in the teachers’ parking lot.
  8. If the school bus is late, go directly to the Attendance Clerk to obtain an admit slip before reporting to the homeroom teacher.
  9. Fighting at school, on school buses, or while walking to and from school is forbidden. A student is the responsibility of the school from the time he leaves home until he returns home. Fighting or provoking a fight is considered to be a serious offence. The student has the responsibility to avoid a fight and report any threat of a fight to the school administration.
  10. Failure to properly check into school when tardy is a suspendable offense.
  1. A total of five (5) minutes is given between class changes. Tardiness to class will not be tolerated. Accumulated tardies will result in suspension. (See Tardy Policy)
  2. Students damaging or destroying school property must pay for, or replace same, and will be disciplined according to school policy.
  3. All students must have a hall pass to leave a classroom. Cutting classes will not be tolerated. This is a suspendable offense.
  4. State law prohibits students from carrying firearms, knives, or other implements which might inflict harm or injury to another person. Possession and/or use of any weapon constitute an expulsion. Any student or non-student found guilty of carrying a firearm on a school campus or school bus shall be imprisoned at hard labor for up to five years. (L.R.S. 14:95.2)
  5. All students must follow the dress code. (See Dress Code Policy)
  6. All students will dress out for Physical Education classes using a regulation school P.E. uniform. This uniform can be purchased from the instructor and will cost $20.00. Failure to dress out according to class regulations will be dealt with according to school discipline policy and the student risks failing the class.
  7. Any debt, or lost books, will result in a held report card at year’s end. The student responsible for all debts will not be allowed to transfer to another school.
  8. All playing cards and other gaming devices are prohibited on school campus.
  9. Parents must check all students in after 7:35 am.
  10. Identification cards are to be worn around the neck and clearly visible at all times.
  11. Textbooks will be scanned using ID tags only. Students must write their names in all textbooks checked out to them. Textbooks will be returned using Bar Codes.