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December 9, 2015
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February 5, 2016

McK Impress at LA Model United Nation

McKinley High Y&G Club posing with their Premiere Delegation Trophy.

McKinley High Y&G Club posing with their Premiere Delegation Trophy.

On the first weekend of December, McKinley High School’s Youth and Government Club attended an annual fall conference, Model United Nations. The McKinley delegation represented a wide variety of countries: China, Sweden, Argentina, and Colombia. These countries were represented in three councils of the United Nations: General Assembly (GA), Economic and Social (Ecosoc), and Security (Sec).

McKinley was done proud by the high caliber of debate brought by their Youth and Government Program on a wide range of topics across all three councils ranging from Russian Territorial Expansion in Security Council to Refugees in Ecosoc to Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation in GA.

Freshman and first year delegate Alexander Tirrell, representing China, presented a resolution alongside Kennedy from Haynes Academy representing France and Elliot from Caddo Magnet representing Russia before the Security Council which is renowned for it’s intense level of debate, and had it passed through to the Plenary Docket which in and of itself is a testament to the high quality of preparation that McKinley engages their delegates with. Also within the Security council freshman William Heitman successfully vetoed two resolutions by using articles directly from the UN Charter.

In Ecosoc Emily Eley and Yazen Mizyed, representing Columbia, and Cameron Simmons, representing Sweden, debated with very strong points on multiple occasions across a variety of topics including Universal Health Care.

In GA, both Sam Wallace and Rohin Gilman presented resolutions with students from other schools including Mandeville High. In the Plenary session, Jeff Wheeler and club president Joe Cretini representing China showed up and showed out with their positions on resolutions that made the docket.

By the end of the weekend, McKinley brought home top honors as the 2016 Premiere Delegation. As well as the club Vice President, Vincent Honey, being elected to the MUN State Board as the Security Council President. All in all, McKinley had a very successful weekend and is already in preparation for Youth Legislature this spring.