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Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 344-7696
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Dear Freshman Academy Parents and Students

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. As the Freshman Academy teaching team, we are excited to share with you some big changes at McKinley High School this year. The goal of McKinley High’s Freshman Academy is to help your child succeed, ease the transition into high school, and begin preparing them for college.

Most freshman academy students will have seven 50 minute periods during the upcoming school year: English I, Algebra I, World Geography, Physical Science, Basic Career Readiness, Physical Education, and an elective. This schedule will allow your student to learn from teachers who are experts in their content areas. These teachers will work together to make sure that your student is prepared for completing graduation requirements and lay the preliminary groundwork for End of Course Exams.

Please be sure to pay the school fee and purchase the school supplies as soon as possible. The suggested school supplies include: a zippered 1 ½ or 2 inch binder, a pack of 8 dividers, 4 packs of loose leaf paper, 6 pocket folders, pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils/crayons, 2 boxes of Kleenex, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer.

We would like to call your special attention to two areas in which we need your help: homework and being prepared for class. To preserve our learning time, it’s important that your student comes with all of the materials he or she needs to succeed in class. Homework will be posted in each class and will be assigned every night. Every student is expected to complete each homework assignment. We understand that some homework may be challenging, but we expect every student to show effort.

We are excited about your input and involvement in this school year. We will regularly invite parents and guardians to participate in bi-monthly family night activities. We also extend an open invitation for you to visit our classrooms at any time. Our email addresses are listed below. You may email us at any time, or you may call the school at 225.344.7696.

MCK Freshman Academy Team:

 Clarissa Batiste, English I
Marcus Williams, English I
Lauren Butler, Algebra I
Maria Acosta, Algebra I
Lynette Jackson, Physical Science
Jamari Tillman, World Geography
Joseph Williams, World Geography
Chi Franklin, Counselor
Dominique Zenon, Coordinator
Student Expectations

Goals are the specific and measurable accomplishments that we plan to achieve. Goals help us focus our attention, work overcome difficulties, and make better choices. Our goals for our students are to:

Obtain subject mastery
Achieve success in and out of the classroom
Build confidence & character
Homework will be assigned every night, Tuesday through Friday. It is YOUR responsibility to leave school with your homework, even if you check out early.
Rules are the standards we follow to ensure that our school is a safe and efficient learning environment. The following are the rules of MCK Freshman Academy: Follow directions the first time given.

Be polite and courteous.
Be on time and prepared.
Follow the Dress Code.
Respect others and their property.
In accordance with the EBRP School Grading Policy, we observe the following grading scale. *Parents can access student grades at anytime online through McKinley’s school website*
 A   94-100
B 85-93
C 75-84
D 68-74
F 67 & below
Expectations are how we believe students in MCK Freshman Academy should conduct themselves. They are habits that we practice to ensure a successful future and productive environment. There are three expectations in MCK Freshman Academy: be respectful, be responsible, and be responsive.

Be Respectful
Respond to others courteously
Be Honest
Show Gratitude
Be Responsible
Ask and Answer Questions
Keep up with assignments and materials
Do not Cheat/Copy work
Be present and on time each day
Be Responsive
Be alert.
Practice safety.

All incoming freshman students will adhere to the following dress code:

Tops: Black Uniform Polo with MCK school logo
Bottoms: Khaki Uniform Pants
Outerwear: Jackets/Sweaters zip or button up; No pullovers will be allowed.

ABSOLUTELY NO shorts, skirts, dresses, capris, cargos, skinnies, jean type, or stretch pants allowed.

*Spirit Shirts are only allowed on designated days.

Students are not allowed to use any electronic devices in class or in the hallways.  This includes mp3 players, cell phones, ipods, tablets, etc.  The use of headphones is also prohibited. These items should not be in plain sight at any time. If they are seen, they will be confiscated for a minimum of 24 hours.  Once confiscated, only a parent can retrieve the item(s).  This applies even if the device was not in use at the time it was seen.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

We will hold parent workshops and family fun nights twice per semester. All parents are encouraged to attend. Students will receive an award when their parent attends. Parents with perfect attendance for the workshops will be recognized at the end of each semester.