McKinley High Counseling Office

The mission of the McKinley Senior High School Counseling Office is to provide services that will support and enhance the academic, career and personal development of our students. In partnership with other educators, parents or guardians and the community, we will ensure that all students have access to and are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute as a productive members of society.

Meet Your Counseling Team!

Mrs. Chi Franklin
Lead Counselor

Mrs. Lasonia Brown

Mrs. Shanta McCall


Mrs. Gwen Grass

Counseling Services* Include:

  • Individual conferences
  • Guidance classes
  • College, Career, and Financial Aid Information — All college visits are listed on the school calendar.  If you select the college visit on the calendar, the time of the visit will be given.
  • Guidance Library with internet access
  • Testing and Evaluation
    1. — ELDA
    2. — EXPLORE Test-Freshmen
    3. — PLAN Test-Sophomores
    4. — PSAT-Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
    5. — ACT and SAT Testing Center
    6. — State Assessment
    7. — Advanced Placement testing
  • Scheduling college admissions representatives to meet with juniors and seniors
  • Referrals for special services
  • Arrangement of parent-teacher conferences
  • Arrangement for student assignments during prolonged absences (3 days or longer)

*All services are rendered through the counseling department clerk.